It's Time To Un-gimp Beastmaster!

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It's time to un-gimp Beastmaster!
Server: Bahamut
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user: Elesar
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By Bahamut.Elesar 2019-11-04 18:17:21
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I once posted some ideas I had on how to make the Beastmaster job far more useful in endgame content many years ago. I can't really remember where I wrote it. Here's pretty much what I said then with some adjustments for more modern game play. The overall idea to the adjustments are to make Beastmaster a supportive damage dealer that can quickly adjust to the changing battle.

Charm. Recast 15 seconds.
Everything it can currently do plus…
Bind against anything that doesn’t get charmed. Bind duration 2 seconds.
Has a small chance of landing “Confusion” status ailment. Confusion will cause the mob to attack nearby enemy allies and / or itself. Confuse duration 5 seconds.
CHR increases Charm accuracy and “Charm +” gear increases duration. Max duration: Bind = 10 seconds, Confusion = 30 seconds.
Charm can be used with a pet(s) currently out.

Gauge. Recast 10 seconds.
Everything it can currently does plus…
Gives exact level, current weakness, accuracy and defense, and what enhancing spells and debuffs are currently on target enemy. Other players within the Beastmaster’s party / alliance can examine the current target enemy and also see Gauge’s information. Example: the spell “Libra” in other Final Fantasy games. The effect is linked to the mob similar to a thief’s treasure hunter. If the Beastmaster dies, the effect is lost.
CHR increases Gauge accuracy.
Gauge can be used with a pet(s) currently out.

Tame. Recast 10 seconds.
Everything it currently does plus…
Lowers the non-charmable target enemy’s attack by 10%. The affect is an area of effect landing on anything within 10 yalms of the target enemy. The attack down effect can be increased by an additional 5% if the target is weak to the Beastmaster’s current pet.
Attack down duration 10 seconds.
“Tame success rate” gear increases accuracy. Max duration: Attack down = 10 seconds. Max potency: Attack down = 15%.

Tame can be used with a pet(s) currently out.

Call Beast. Recast 30 seconds.
Recast timers are unaffected by gear that reduces timers.

Call Beast II. Recast 15 minutes.
Calls multiple beasts to fight by your side. Max 3. The amount of pets summoned are based on the jug used. Only works with specific jugs.
Example: “Brave Hero Glenn” = 3, “Herald Henry” = 3, “Sharpwit Hermes” = 2. This cannot be used on stronger pets such as “Bouncing Bertha”.
Additional information will be labeled on the jug pets that can be used with Call Beast II.
All pets share hate with pet #1 and will attack and do all the same commands as that pet.
Max duration: Call Beast II = 5 minutes.

Inherited job traits.
The Beastmaster will receive some of the current summoned pet’s job traits.
Example: “Left-Handed Yoko” Job = DRK. Inherited traits are Attack Bonus and Arcana Killer.
Max duration: till the current pet is released or dies.

Melee Stance and Magic Stance.
Similar to a Summoner’s Avatar’s Favor, the Beastmaster’s stance can be changed based on the situation.

In ‘melee stance’, there will be an attack, pet attack, accuracy, and pet accuracy aura 10 yalms around the beastmaster. The strength of this aura starts at 1 attack and 1 accuracy and gradually increases the longer the Beastmaster’s pet has been out. This effect can be further enhanced if the pet’s monster correlation is stronger than the mob it is currently fighting. If the pet is below (weaker) than the current enemy in the eco system (example: beast pet fighting a plantoid), then the aura the Beastmaster emits will have its max tier capped similar to a Corsair rolling an unlucky number.
Gear with “Killer effect” increases the maximum tier of effect.

In ‘magic stance’, there will be a magic attack, pet magic attack, magic accuracy, and pet magic accuracy aura 10 yalms around the Beastmaster. Similar as melee stance, the effect increases the longer the pet is alive and is based on the pet’s position in the monster eco system against the current mob.
The pet will only have magic spells as abilities and will be locked to a specific element based on the species of pet and will maintain a distance of 15 yalms away from the target enemy. Example: “Aged Angus” Aquan = Water bases spells.
Gear with “Killer effect” increases the maximum tier of effect.

Shield + Fencer.
Fencer IV, V, and VI.
New JSE shields for BST and THF that help boost overall damage when wielding a one-handed weapon. This is an attempt to make the Axe + Shield combo the best combo over dual-wield. The stats on the shield scale up the higher level you are.
Example: Double Attack +5%, Critical Hit Rate +2%, STR +15, Monster Correlation effect +20, Sic / Ready Recast -5 Seconds.

Snarl. Recast 30 second.
Can be used on party members by transferring up to 50% of their enmity to the Beastmaster’s pet.

New pet food that heals multiple pets at the same time similar to the spell “Curaga”. This food is to be used when the Beastmaster uses Call Beast II.

New Jug Pets.
These new pets are specifically added to the game to allow Beastmaster to have a pet that is strong against specific types of monsters thus allowing for ‘melee stance’ and ‘mage stance’ to be utilized. These jug pets would fall under the ecosystem category of “demon, undead, arcana, lumorian, luminion, and beastmen”.
Some examples are: Undead = “UndeadHoundPetName” (strong against arcana), Demon = “CorpselightsPetName” (strong against dragons), Arcana = “ClustersPetName” (strong against undead).
As for a jug pet that would be useful against Beastmen in Dynamis, the idea was a fellow beastman willing to fight by your side.
An example is: Beastman = “MoblinAllyName” (willing to sell out fellow beastmen for a good paid day – strong against beastmen).
Server: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: Elesar
Posts: 20
By Bahamut.Elesar 2019-11-06 02:37:04
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I forgot to add one more new job ability.

LevelUpPetName. Recast 10 minutes.
This ability allows the Beastmaster to raise the level of any charmed pet to the Beastmaster's current level. The level raised will be based on the level of the Beastmaster's main-hand weapon at the moment the ability was used.
The pet will despawn the moment it is released.
Max duration: Until the pet un-charms or dies.
By 2019-11-06 03:49:22
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