Sigurd's Descendants: The Art Of Dragon Slaying.

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Sigurd's Descendants: The Art of Dragon Slaying.
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By Asura.Inuyushi 2018-02-12 16:40:07
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skooks said: »
Haven't seen numbers regarding this yet, but the stats on the new relic head would suggest that you can also hit the "Enhances breath" cap with the head alone.

If you didn't have lancer's torque & glassblower's belt to max out this cap this might be good for you, but I don't know of any other pet/wyvern gear in these slots which could take their place if you're already using them (maybe a pet hp neck?). At the moment I don't really see that much of an incentive to +3 the head piece if you already have the flamma +2 head and torque/belt.

Can't pass up those +10% WSD hands, though. :)

There is a Pet HP neck, it's from the ToAU days: Chanoix's gorget. There isn't a Pet HP waist though, but it's nice to know you can get 2 inventory from upgrading the relic head. That's almost worth it in itself.
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By Lakshmi.Buukki 2018-02-12 17:04:16
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Technically you'd still keep Chanoix's Gorget around, for Steady Wing Macro. Pet HP directly correlates to wyvern stoneskin, so it helps in that regard.
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