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Since the viability of Trust-soloing third-wave Arciela on SCH came up, I actually had an opportunity to test it out and I can say for certain it's entirely possible. Cast helices based on the day into Ascension or Descension, not against them and use NPC's that complement you tanking as opposed to an NPC tank. She has not one single physical source of damage, so she cannot hurt you if you keep Regen on. It didn’t take very long for August to bite the dust. Screenshot taken from behind so that you can see she has no bonnet and is in fact the Arcliela that may come in the third wave. As for her choice of Naakuals, I got Kumhau twice, and one of Colkhab and Yumcax, which explains why my NPC's are all dead. One big advantage I had here was helix II’s, and they are as broken as everyone claims they are.
Score: 8.17
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Classification player » Sephiran
Tags Sinister Reign Naakual Arciela SCH
Date Submitted 2016-02-14 19:52:13
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