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Sky/Limbus/Sea LS
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user: Jaxzia
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By Ifrit.Jaxzia 2010-04-19 20:07:39
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We currently do sky/sea/. If interested in joining endgame here is our schedule. All times are est

Sunday - Free Day
Monday - Limbus gather at 6:45PST/10:45EST Tele at 7PST/11EST
Tuesday - Free day
Wednesday - Free day (VH Einherjar)
Thursday - Event: gather at 4:30PST/7:30EST
Friday - Limbus gather at 5:15PST/8:15EST. Tele @ 5:30/8:30 Afterwards: Event
Saturday - Free day

Access to sky is mandatory, we prefer that you have sea completed but if you don't it won't interfere with you application.

Currently taking apps for all jobs, new apps with mage jobs will probably be needed on those over others. PM me here if interested.

Apply at
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