Dynamis: Dreamlands, Payouts And More!

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Dynamis: Dreamlands, payouts and more!
Server: Alexander
Game: FFXI
user: eldelphia
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By Alexander.Eldelphia 2010-04-06 06:07:37
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Nova linkshell has been running Dynamis for about 20 months on the Alexander server. It was formed after the break up of a an older shell when some of the members decided after a short break, they'd like to do the event again.

What this means is that there's a lot of Dynamis experience behind Nova. We have Tav access for the majority of our players and we regularly do CoP/Dreamlands dynamis as well as all other zones. We will happily get you access, as long as you have CoP 3-5 complete.

When and Where

Gather 12:30 EST / 17:30 GMT on Saturdays

We only run once a week. If you want to go with someone else midweek, that's fine as long as you make our runs

Our forum is at My link

  • All currency is collected, sold and the profit is split in the form of 4-weekly payouts.

  • Because we operate a profit sharing system we are not interested in hearing from upgraders and we do not sell our currency off cheaply.

  • Any member of the shell who gains a -1 from our runs, may buy currency from use at a reduced rate to fund their upgrade

  • Frontline THF/RDM members may be offered reraise pins. If you die regularly for us, we try and make it a little easier for you to keep your buffer.


Because we don't believe in greed/random luck we operate a points system. However we understand that those with multiple jobs or those joining the shell later in the game may be put off. You should know this...
  • A lot of relic comes up 'open lot' this is where no one is main lotting it or the main lotters already have/don't want. This relic is sold off for a token price which is very cheap. A lot of people with multiple jobs love this as it allows them to complete multiple sets very quickly.

  • We operate a points system which allows you to prioritise which armour you wish to collect.

  • All main lotters may lot on city armour after their first run, your points only really count in the Icelands and for Dreamlands accessories.

  • We allow you a main and an upgrade lot. Your main is for city/ice armour and your upgrade is for dreamlands/cop accessories and -1s. Often these are the same job. However if you are at least 4/5 in one set of armour you may pick another main lot job but keep priority on -1s and accessories for that job you're nearly done with.

  • We've found it possible to complete a lot of sets, a lot of armour comes up for lotting very fast and making people select a job to focus on means that key pieces aren't being lotted by 15-20 people at once.

  • No chance of seeing a treasured piece go to a level 47 just because they were lucky enough to win the lot.

  • We would rather see armour go to someone who can use it or who may use it in the future, rather than see it fall to the floor.

  • All points, payouts and relic drops are recorded in a spreadsheet and published using Google Docs. You can login to the forum and check this at any time.

So...Interested in applying?[/size] Head over to our forum or talk to Eldelphia, Silkxiv, Eiden, Athenaa, Carpenter or Josiey in game.
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