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Chains of Promathia Perma
Server: Ifrit
Game: FFXI
user: reedith
Posts: 15
By Ifrit.Redbully 2010-02-25 03:30:09
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Hello Ifrit!

Nice to see the forums real active. Anywho I am looking for 5 others that need COP, We can start from the beginning if needs be but i am on 2.5 Ancient Vows.

I play to GMT times, i can do all day saturday and sunday.

My characters are SMN75(merited) RDM75(merited) and SAM74. I also have numerous jobs 30+


Posts: 7
By slyth 2010-03-18 13:35:24
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am going to start this sometime next week or so on diabolos atm but just poke me a msg if ya like n check these forums lol
Server: Ifrit
Game: FFXI
user: Itazura
Posts: 134
By Ifrit.Itazura 2010-03-18 20:06:51
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Necro bumps aside, Slyth is one of the best PLDs I've ever partied with, and would be an asset for any group.
Posts: 17
By KingWingnut 2010-04-13 23:02:32
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Count me in, for rdm, I need one more Crag I think Holla >.<
Should be reactivating my account tomorrow hopefully. ^^
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