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By 2010-02-23 01:10:55
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Server: Pandemonium
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By Pandemonium.Abrianna 2010-02-23 01:19:19
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GOSH is that linkshell that is hard to miss. The people that are in our shell shine almost as much as our bright green pearl.

Anyone is welcome, and hopefully everyone feels welcomed when they enter. We do our best to help you on your journey through out the game.

On top of helping the new players whenever possible, we also provide opportunities for the veterans. As Shinbi said, almost everyday something is being done. Whether it is merit parties, or those statics that you've been needing for Nyzul or ENM's, there are people here waiting for you.

At the moment we are a scheduled ZNM linkshell, where we are running every Saturday at 3 PM EST. Anyone is welcome once you've joined the linkshell.

I hope everyone reading this might take a day or two and check GOSH out. We're a lively bunch and always full of laughter and joy. If you need a home, this is the place.


PS: We have possibly the most females ever! So if any of you ladies feel like you are the only ones in the game, come to GOSH! We have some of the greatest girls around. =)
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