Election, Who Can Hack It, What Do They Want?

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Election, who can hack it, what do they want?
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By Garuda.Chanti 2019-09-28 21:43:08
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Look gang, cyberwar is real, we are involved in it, and part of cyberwar is targeting our elections.

I want to talk about the nations that have the capability and the interest. What are there objectives, and what does it all mean?

#1 has got to be Russia. Their interest is to weaken the USA in the international sphere and paralyze us in our internal politics. They like Trump but maximum paralysis would be either Trump reelected with the dems controlling both houses or a dem president and the GOP holding the senate.

#2 is China. On one hand Trump is good for China. His isolationism weakens us internationally which they have taken advantage of. But Trump's tariffs are weakening their economy BIG TIME. China takes the long view.

#3 would be Israel. Trump is loved in Israel. But Israel isn't mosad. Trump exposed a mosad asset. Mosad HATES Trump and has planted stingrays to intercept white house cell phones. Israel is three contradictory factions. Bibi likes Trump. I have no idea what the blue and white faction wants.

#4 would be Iran. Iran's radicals like Trump as he gives them a semi rational excuse to push their agenda. But the more moderate faction wants to get back to normality. I think the moderates would like a dem sweep. But the hardliners control their cyber warfare agencies.

#5 North Korea. Trump has given Kim SO MANY wins without a bit of concession from him. I find Kim's viewpoint in this impenetrable. BUT I think their interests would lie in total republican control. This is only my opinion.

If there is a #6 its India. Modi likes Trump, Trump likes him. They campaign together. But the Indian American vote is somewhat less than the Jewish vote and leans GOP.

There are SO MANY actors with the capabilities. Not all are nation states. Who are they? What do they want? What does it all mean?
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