Dynmais D & Omen Runs 9:30 Est Start Time

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Dynmais D & Omen Runs 9:30 est start time
Server: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: Dracothic
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By Bahamut.Dracothic 2019-06-10 12:10:08
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Dienastea Looking for a few people for 9:30 EST runs (Gather @ 9:00 EST)

We run Dynamis D 9:30 EST Tues and Sat

At present we are clearing Bosses for wave 1 after heavy Farming for shards.

With a few more people we hope to start doing Regular Wave 2 Bosses for masks to unlock REMA upgrades.

We run Omen 9:30 EST Mon and Thurs for 2 boss runs each night.

With a few more people in attendance the goal will be to push that too 3-4 runs per night.

We handle drops on a declared job basis. You would be eligable to lot for gear for your declared job no matter what job you are doing the run on.

People who have just joined will not be eligable to lot on their first run.

We do lots of other things T1-2-3 Geas Fete NM's SV Ambu Delve ect.. on off nights as well as CP and XP together and generaly help eachother out as a team.

Again with more people we would like to add more schedualed events.

If you are interested please contact Rorants Dracothic or Talantiss in game.
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