Ambuscade Volume 1 - November 2018

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Ambuscade Volume 1 - November 2018
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By Afania 2018-11-23 13:13:46
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aisukage said: »
Shiva.Arislan said: »
Afania said: »
Tank said head seize hate reset = very hard to get hate back. That's all I know.

Does it HF in D? I tanked D the other day and didn't notice weird hate mechanics.

Yeah, hate resets only happen on VD.

Head seize seems to be a normal 100% hate reset. If you spike VE (one of those rare instances where RUN is better off subbing WAR), it's possible to get hate back pretty quickly.

The one during Hundred Fists is a bit different. Seems to completely disregard person at top of hate list for 10-15 seconds, and your DD's can get wrecked pretty quickly if they aren't swapping to -DT.

It's a pretty easy month... unless you're tanking on VD, then it's kinda stressful. ^^;

I actually didn't mind tanking it, not hard to do the tanks part. I tried healing it today for my other account and urgggh that was stressful. "WHY IS EVERYONE DROPPING TO 1 HP ONE AFTER ANOTHER. Trying to keep cureskin on the tank making sure to remove debuffs. and you go to cure 1 person and in the middle of that cure someone else drops to 1HP.

This really really depends on pt as previously mentioned. I main healed VD another day and pulled my hair out for constant Pleiades Ray + Head Seize too.

And in a pt with aura removed right away and NM die before head seize even happen whm can pretty much afk.

Not all aura remover has good ws cycle time is probably the main reason.

I would just lower the difficulty to D if I notice aura isn't removed fast enough, D is very easy and doable by pretty much anyone.....
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