Minimum Reqs. For Escha-Zitah

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Minimum Reqs. for Escha-Zitah
Server: Bahamut
Game: FFXI
user: eorphere
Posts: 382
By Bahamut.Eorphere 2018-10-13 12:16:43
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Hey all,

I am sure this has been posted before. I know I read it before, but I am coming to a snag when I thought I met the requirements.

What are the minimum requirements to go into Escha-Zitah:

I know not any level 1 can do it.

I also know I have gone in with a mule at level 11ish, so what is the catch?
Server: Ragnarok
Game: FFXI
user: Terazuma
Posts: 229
By Ragnarok.Lockfort 2018-10-13 12:47:24
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Have you done this on those mules?
Server: Shiva
Game: FFXI
user: znitch
Posts: 139
By Shiva.Znitch 2018-10-13 12:50:09
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The Rhapsodies quest pages seem to indicate certain mission progression is needed, however I've taken multiple level 1 mules with little to no CoP/Zilart/RoV progress finished into both Escha-Zitah and Ru'Aun.
Server: Cerberus
Game: FFXI
user: rs1n
Posts: 233
By Cerberus.Boogs 2018-10-13 12:55:30
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I am pretty sure you need to have cleared RoV 1-9 if you have never entered escha zones. There is no level requirement for entering so level 1 can indeed enter provided that zone has been unlocked.
Server: Quetzalcoatl
Game: FFXI
user: Senaki
Posts: 410
By Quetzalcoatl.Senaki 2018-10-13 14:10:40
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I'm like 99% sure that you need RoV 1-9 to be beaten to enter. I know for sure that you can enter Escha-Ru'an while only having access to Escha-Zi'tah, even without doing more RoV missions than just up to entering Escha-Zi'tah. Yup.
Posts: 555
By DaneBlood 2018-10-20 13:14:43
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im pretty sure I have taken in ppl that have yet to even complete the first Rov missions.

I know i brought in a level 17 rdm ( first job on that character)
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