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Bard skilling up
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By Phoenix.Capuchin 2018-05-08 19:59:38
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Well, perhaps it's different on a campaign-by-campaign update. I found one update from last year where the notes specifically say synergy is NOT included, but says nothing about fishing:
Double Synthesis Skill Increase Campaign

As the name implies, the rate of synthesis skill increase will be doubled for the duration of the campaign.
* These gains do not apply to synergy.

All I know is that I did a lot of fishing immediately before and during one of the campaigns last year (perhaps the one I cited above), and an increased fishing skillup rate was easily noticeable in the same fishing spot. Had a friend who was doing the same thing, skilling up from 40-50ish to cap and getting an Ebisu+1 rod, and we both saw a huge difference - I remember it well because we'd chat and fish a lot over the course of a few weeks, and both of us were quite pleased at the insane skillups when the campaign hit.

I suspect that at least on a case by case basis, fishing is included. See the Dec. 2014 example in my previous post where S-E explicitly said in the update notes fishing gains will be doubled (at least in that particular campaign). I'm not sure whether the default is now that fishing is included and synthesis is not, whether they change at all by campaign (kinda like fishing/synergy is a "PLUS" version campaign), or what.

But again, irrelevant to BRD skilling! I guess if anyone here is desperate to cap fishing skill, the answer may be a bit less definitive and we'll have to see when that campaign rolls back around.
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