Mana Wall Tanking: Enmity+ Gear Advice?

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Mana Wall Tanking: Enmity+ gear advice?
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By Nyarlko 2018-04-30 18:39:22
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Looking for help putting together a solid Enmity+ set for BLM. I've never played tanks, so have no clue whatsoever where to even start with this. ._.;;
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By Shiva.Berzerk 2018-04-30 18:59:35
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Doesn't look like there's much outside of some accessories for options. When I think mana wall tank I think of super tanking where you just aggro/pop the mobs and as long as no1 else touches it you're able to keep it on you. If it's mobs you're clearing then AOE damage is probably gonna be your best bet at keeping hate. Any particular situation you're thinking of?
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By Fenrir.Snaps 2018-04-30 19:26:26
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It's not easy to keep hate unless you're super tanking. The CE loss per hit is constant, so you shed it pretty fast.
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By Bahamut.Alexcennah 2018-04-30 19:36:54
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Tanking is about two things: 1) Surviving 2) while keeping the enemies' attention on you. Manawall can do the former, but BLM has no efficient tools to do the latter.
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By Ragnarok.Martel 2018-04-30 20:27:33
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Hmmm. BLM has some decent native enmity spells actually. Many of the same that a tank would /drk for.

Stun: 180 CE/1280 VE
Aspir: 320 CE / 0 VE
Aspir II: 320 CE / 0 VE
Aspir III is probably the same as I and II, but I don't actually see the value listed anywhere.

And like any job, you can get additional spells/actions from subjob. /BLU would offer cocoon and a large array of extra enmity spells. /PLD for Sentinel and flash?

While BLM's selection of enmity gear pales in comparison to that of tank jobs, it's not like there isn't any. I see about ~+58 in gear possible without digging into augments and such if there are any. Although none of it is ilvl, so it might be advisable to not use any in those slots, focusing instead on recast reduction. This would cost 13 enmity+ dropping the total to +45.

Now, keeping hate via dealing dmg... well barring low enmity DD like RNG or SMN, you basically have to be doing more dmg than the DDs. And a lot more. Cause you're losing CE, and they aren't. Oh, and MB would be terrible for this as MB have drastically reduced enmity gain.

So BLM has some gear and tools for the job, but I have to agree with snaps about the CE loss.
BGwiki said:
Instead of functioning using the normal Enmity formula, Black Mages with Mana Wall active appear to lose a static 180 Cumulative Enmity per hit.
That is Brutal.

For normal DMG, a player with 3k HP would lose 60 CE for taking 100 DMG. That's before enmity+ gear or other CE loss reductions. And you can reduces that loss by taking less DMG or adding more Max HP.

But 180 CE a hit is harsh. you lose the entire base CE component of a stun in a single hit... Against a fast hitting or multi hitting foe your CE could bottom out fast.

I be interested to see if enmity+ gear can reduce that CE loss though.
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By Leviathan.Celebrindal 2018-04-30 21:53:34
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The only instances I have heard for BLM Mana Wall tanking are situations of "supertanking" ie Albumen adds as an example. The BLM pops albumen, and as long as no one touches the adds they'll stay on the BLM. While I would love to try this out, I'm lacking the gear at the moment to make it happen.

In terms of more traditional tanking (holding hate through DDs), I'd agree, I doubt its possible. And I'd wager that SE designed the CE loss so that a BLM can pop Mana Wall and purposely LOSE hate back to a traditional tank.
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By Nyarlko 2018-04-30 22:46:42
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Well, frequently over the years, I've ended up being Last Man Standing in various content and figured that if it were possible, then it would make sense to have an enmity+ setup for those times when I actually wanted to piss something off and offtank while others unweaked. As long as I can at least hold a target while someone else Raises/Cures others, I'd be happy.

I guess a good question would then be, how much enmity+ should I expect to need in order to be able to hold something against a healer by casting spells? Would that +45 be enough?
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