Beyond: Bubble Trouble: A Geomancer Guide

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Beyond: Bubble Trouble: A Geomancer Guide
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By IBHalliwell 2017-11-05 21:20:35
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I started playing Geomancer this year and have Idris stage III, AF+2, Relic+1, and Empy+1 gear. I also have gear for my Black Mage, such as the entire Merlinic gear set augmented very well with Dark Matter (the free kind) and ferns, plus both Grioavolr (MB+15) and Lathi. I also have the various BLM earrings, rings, etc.

The reason I started this thread and called it "Beyond" is because the Geomancer Guide doesn't seem to address my questions.

I'm wondering what are the BiS items and/or augments when doing GEO specific things like Indi and Geo spells for these slots:

  • Back

  • Neck

  • both Earrings

  • both Rings

  • sub (e.g. shield)

  • ranged / ammo

I've seen people post their gear swaps, but their gear and mine don't match. Is there a method to match my gear to their code?

Sorry for these newbie questions, but been working hard to get the weapon and gear to be useful. Now I want to take it to the next level. I want to be useful, in the game.

Thank you.
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By Quizzy 2017-11-05 22:31:46
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I keep it pretty simple.

Lifestream - Bubbles
Ambu1 - Idle; hp,meva,pet:regen
Ambu2 - Nuking

Loricate+1 - Idle
Reti - Bubbles (stp)
Erra - Enfeebling

stp - Bubbles
meva - Idle

DT- - Idle

Genmei - Idle
Ammurapi - Enfeebling

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By Chimerawizard 2017-11-06 00:14:49
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IBHalliwell said: »
I've seen people post their gear swaps, but their gear and mine don't match. Is there a method to match my gear to their code?
equip all the gear you want to wear for a specific set.
type this in-game with said gear equipped:
//gs export
*This creates a file with the gear including augments at .../windower4/addons/gearswap/data/export/file.lua

copy the contents of that file, and paste it into your .../gearswap/data/GEO
at whatever set you want to use that gear.

Export includes augments, so you can have multiple sets of the same piece of gear and it won't cause issues.


edit: forgot to mention; after editing sets, you will need to reload gearswap for the changes to be updated in-game.
*the next time you open windower it won't be an issue.
//gs reload

//lua reload gearswap

//lua unload gearswap
//lua load gearswap

any of those can be used to get updated gearswap sets to swap correctly.
unload+load is required if you adjust any rules, at least from what I've observed.

If you want to debug an issue with gearswap
//gs debugmode
*displays in chatlog sets attempting to equip at each state {precast, midcast, idle}.

//gs showswaps
*shows in chatlog what items are swapped.
type the command again to turn them off.
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