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Aeonic Group Recruiting
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By Blazed1979 2017-06-26 08:30:23
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Very successful group recruiting the following

- RUN: You will understand your job, hate mechanics, and/or be willing to learn and follow instructions. Your job is pretty simple; Hold hate and use your JA's. Will ask for a gear check in game.


- SMN: Must be decked out, Nirvana i119 1 prerequisite. Will ask to see gear in game as well.

Tell Phuoc, Danielot, Primex, Bumble or Oceanz in game.

Trial will be on T4s such as Albumen.
-Language: Verbal English a requirement
-Additional jobs a ++
-Access to discord also a huge +

About the group:
Operate in EU timezones, around 11 AM- 1 PM EST US.
- Group of close friends that do everything together from trash like vagary, SR, Ambuscade, Master Trials to clearing Aeonics within a couple of days.
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