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Elemental skill
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By Odin.Hecky 2016-11-06 06:30:26
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Im sorry for asking such a noobish question, but i have read all i can find about the subject, and the conclusion is pretty much collected this: Elemental skill = magic acc (on elemental spells)
But what i am trying to figure out is mainly 2 things. Is it a 1:1 ratio and do elemental skill not add magic attack aswell?

For my DRG 1 polearm skill seems to equal 1 attack and 1 acc.
By Antisense 2016-11-06 08:14:48
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1) 1 point of elemental skill = 1 point of magic accuracy for elemental skill 200-300 based on statistical evidence. Source: http://lodeguy.blog69.fc2.com/blog-category-17.html

Above 300 the relationship has not been systematically tested to my knowledge. However, the relationship between magic accuracy skill (on weapons) and the rate of non-resisted damage has been examined, and it appears not to be 1:1. Source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/luteff11/archives/49522001.html

Data table from blog post:

Presumably, this guy cast Firaga repeatedly on the same level of Apex Toads.

For example, compare the following two states:
Magic accuracy skill +228, magic accuracy +60: 817/1460 = .5595 (rate of unresisted damage)
Magic accuracy skill +269, magic accuracy +60: 2003/2156 = .9290 (rate of unresisted damage)

(The count data is taken from the blog post itself)

The point estimate of the increase in "hit rate" from +41 magic accuracy skill is .3694, and the corresponding 95% confidence interval for the difference is (.3416, .3970).

This shows, assuming correct experimental conditions and that +1 point of magic accuracy still equals +1% in the rate of unresisted damage above 50% rate, that 1 point of magic accuracy skill does not correspond to 1 point of magic accuracy. It might be 1:0.9. Since magic accuracy skill on weapons is supposed to be an ilevel-based substitute for increasing magic skills by standard job level, one could extrapolate this finding to actual elemental skill (or other magic skills)...

2) Elemental skill does not add magic attack.

3) As for combat skills, combat skill does convert to melee accuracy in varying ratios throughout the whole range of combat skill (https://www.bg-wiki.com/bg/Accuracy). This fact is often used to make unsubstantiated claims that elemental magic skill does not convert to magic accuracy 1:1 at skill levels above 300. It may or may not but it hasn't been shown to my knowledge.
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