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Req testing
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By Carbuncle.Msoc 2016-10-03 13:22:25
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So I was testing Requiem VII duration's on apex crabs this is what I got.

CC/ NT/ M = 15mins 5secs - 15mins 1sec
NT/ M = 13mins 45 secs
NT = 13mins 21secs
normal = 6mins 45secs
then the Apex crab died

This leads me to believe that Req with job points is now a 60hp +Req base /tic but I wasn't really concerned about the /hp tic.

Req 6 normal 6mins
req5 normal 5mins 22secs

which lead to almost the exact same % of life taken off the Crab

the only reason I was testing duration what Req seems to lock The sealed fate battle out of using Benediction.
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By Sylph.Reain 2016-10-03 21:19:20
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old wiki has the durations for 1-6, they seem to follow a pattern of +16 seconds per tier.

Foe Requiem: 63 seconds
Foe Requiem II: 79 seconds
Foe Requiem III: 95 seconds
Foe Requiem IV: 111 seconds
Foe Requiem V: 127 seconds
Foe Requiem VI: 143 seconds
Foe Requiem VII: 159 seconds if it follows the pattern

There will be +5% from gifts also.
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