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New Player Guide To EXP Rings
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By Masterbuyer 2016-03-13 20:17:46
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New Player Guide To EXP Rings

I decided to make a guide for New Players on how to get EXP rings in game to make the most out of your job at level 1, I have detail setup below for you guys Screen-shots of NPC's & POS took me ages to get those one by one. :P Also when you hit certain level you can go find new rings if you so desire level 99 to get the top rated rings to level up your low level 1's keep in mind there are soo many ways to get exp in game some are fast while some are slow. I love my precious rings :P

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There can only be One Ring to rule them ALL waiting for SE to pull out one, Last one :P

Emperor BandEmpress BandChariot BandYou can only have one of the above rings from the post guards and to purchase them you need conquest points which cost 2000 and you can ONLY recharge them once per conquest tally. Conquest Points are obtained via the Conquest System when you defeat an enemy with Signet applied.
You get the Signet from the same NPC too, You can see how many Conquest Points your character has by using the in game menu category "Regional Info" under the topic "Conquest," or typing the /rmap command. Conquest Points will be listed in the bottom right corner.

NPC Names List: Location POS:
Bastok Mines (H-10)
Bastok Markets (E-11)
Port Bastok (L-7)

NPC Names List: Location POS:
Southern San d'Oria (F-10)
Southern San d'Oria (L-10)
Northern San d'Oria (C-8)

NPC Names List: Location POS:
Windurst Waters North (G-5)
Port Windurst (B-4)
Windurst Woods (K-10)

Allied Ring
This ring can Only be acquired if one of the three nation control Throne Room (S).
Three nation are
San d'Oria (S) >> Windurst (S) >> Bastok (S). Which you will be able to purchase Allied ring through NPC listed below you must also require a Starlight Medal rank here is in depth guide on how to gain your ranks Campaign_Medals.
Keep in mind the surrounding campaign have to be taken before Throne Room (S) campaign.

NPC Names List: Location, POS & Requirements
Southern San d'Oria (S) - (L-9) San d'Oria must control Throne Room (S). Requires Medal rank or higher Campaign medal
Purchased for 15,000 Allied Notes. (22,500 for foreigners).
Windurst Waters (S) - (G-5) Windurst must control Throne Room (S). Requires Medal rank or higher Campaign medal
Purchased for 15,000 Allied Notes. (22,500 for foreigners).
Bastok Markets (S) - (G-4) Bastok must control Throne Room (S). Requires Medal rank or higher Campaign medal
Purchased for 15,000 Allied Notes. (22,500 for foreigners).

Kupofried's Ring

Before you head off check with the Explorer Moogle if they are not turned in yet.
So how do you get this ring you might wonder this requires alot of running around to different places, chocobo would be nice to ride to find this ring,
Also there are eleven mog-tablet scattered around Vana'diel world and you only need one mog-tablet to get the ring.
The mog-tablets do not automatically spawn when it is time; they only spawn when a players comes within 15' yards~ of them. Same for widescan. They will not appear on widescan until a player has spawned one by coming within proximity of it. Once you successful discovery a tablet, talking to the Explorer Moogle in Ru'Lude Gardens will yield a Kupofried's Ring, more map detail marking and pos below (I have done the marking the best I could).There are, however, many that are yet to be discovered and if you find the mog-tablet else where send me PM with clip of the position thank you.

NPC Names & Mog-Tablet Locations POS & Notes
Ru'Lude Gardens (H-9), Once you found one mog-tablet trade the item to npc for the reward
F-8 Dead center
G-6 Top Center
G-8 Top left
G-8/9 Mid-left on the line
D-12 Top near trench
F-11 Dead center
G-5 Very bottom right
G-11 top center
K-6 Bottom left
L-6 Bottom middle (in between the plants)
E-9 Bottom left
H-7 Behind a rock near the tunnel
I-6 Next to the rock.
K-8 Near center (must walk through Ifrit's Cauldron)
H-8 Above ground dead center
I-9 Just South of Outpost in the ruins.
G-7 lower left corner in the bend of the path.
I-7 Bridge on river
I-9 Near bridge on river
I-9 Top middle near river
H-8 Bottom left corner
F-7 Bottom Left
G-7 Top middle
H-7 Bottom Left
H-8 Center
H-9 Center
H-10 Bottom Right
I-10 North East of Stone Monument
D-7 Top left
D-7 Below Middle Of Mountain
E-7 Near the road on the hillside.
I-6 Near the middle.
I-9 Next to the road.
I-7 West of mountains
K-11 In the middle near the pond.
D-7 On way to secret beach
E-8 Just west of the palm trees
F-7 Right in-between all the palm trees
G-7 Middle of square, between root and wall
H-9 A little north of the boat
D-10/E-10 by road next to a rock
F-9 Bottom right
H-7 Center (just south of the river)
J-8 Northwest corner on Zegham Hill
K-7 Top-Left Quad near bend
E-9 Between 3 small ponds
F-8 Left side
I-8 Center top - top level Vomp Hill
J-9 Lower left under platform
J-9 Top right corner
F-6/E-6 At the middle of line dividing the coordinates.
H-4/5 At the middle of line dividing the coordinates.
K-4 Heading toward Pashhow.
H-6 Bottom left
H-10 Top right
H-9 Bottom center
I-8 Center of the map beside pathway
J-6 Against the wall
G-5 Bottom right
G-6 Top left corner
H-8 Bottom, south of path
J-7 Bottom right, right next to the tower
J-8 Bottom left
G-9 Bottom middle
H-6 North of Outpost close to a tree
H-7 On the north line (south of outpost, right as the road turns East)
I-8 Top left corner
J-8 Middle-East
G-5 Bottom right.
G-7/H-7 Right on the line in the middle.
H-6 Southeast Corner.
H-8 Smack in the middle, on top of the hill.
I-8/J-8 Right on the line in the middle.
H-6 Bottom left corner
H-8 Left side under spine
I-7 Middle
I-8 South Middle Right
F-9 Lower Left
F-10 Lower Right
H-11 near the vines
I-9 Center
E-5 Near Necropolis entrance
E-7 SouthWest Quadrant
G-7 Southeast, on top of a hill.
H-6 On top of the hill near the ruins
H-9 Next to Gausebit Mountains
I-7 center in ruins on hillside.
K-7 Near tower
K-8 Near path
K-10 On path.
L-7 Eastern side at start of Mountain Path
J-7 Bottom middle
G-7/H-7 right on the line
H-9 Center
Southwest quadrant of H-7
G-8 By the entrance
H-8 Dead center
E-8 Top right corner
F-7 Left Middle between E-7/F-7 Line
H-8 against the spine
F-8 Bottom middle
D-7 Behind rock on near the wall
H-8 Bottom Left Corner
K-10 South near rocks
G-9 Upper right
M-9 Southwest Quadrant
G-7 Right in middle
H-8 Up on very top cliff (have to go around to get there)
I-7 Atop the cliff, near center.
K-5 close to fei'yin behind rock on the right side of ramp
F-7 Near trench
F-8 Near wall (Might be the same as the F-7 one)
G-8 Upper right corner of coordinate square, along the wall
H-7 Top level towards bottom
H-9 Right behind the rock North of the Outpost Warp
I-7 middle bottom of coordinate square on map next to rock at the base of the mountain
I-6/J-6 top corner
K-7 bottom left corner

Resolution RingThis EXP ring is jaw breaker you might be thinking first why how? Main reason why I think its a jaw breaker due to because you can purchase this on auction house hence you can have multiple rings just for this item and craft this with the Alchemy - (74) Key Item needed: Alchemic Purification, Purchased through auction house under Rings.
You can craft this ring under 100k- on Asura server as of now just purchasing the ingredients on AH. 13/03/2016

Expertise Ring

Purchase from Greeter Moogle for 1000 Login Points ~~

NPC Name Location POS:
Windurst Walls (C-13)
Port San d'Oria (J-10)
Port Bastok (J-13)
Chocobo Circuit (H-8)

Caliber Ringok main reason I started this Guide up because I found an EXP ring in one of the gold treasure box in Reisenjima Ethereal Ingress #5 (flux 5).
The above ring is Level 1 If you find any more exp rings guys let us know so I can update this for new players thank you. So I can confirm max ring you can get is 7 could be wrong
Gold Treasure Casket, Below is a table of possible locations and mob killed to get the rings. (if you would like to input PM a clip so that I can update this table section thank you)

Maps & Treasure Casket POS & Mobs killed
Gold Treasure Casket More data needed pos, mob killed
Gold Treasure Casket More data needed pos, mob killed
Gold Treasure Casket Found near Ethereal Ingress #5 (flux 5) on top of the bridge killing Devouring Mosquito, We were AoE

cleaving back then

Facility RingThe above can be obtain in the following zone Escha - Ru'Aun NM: Naga Raja. see table below: (more info needed to complete it)

Maps & Treasure Casket POS & Mobs killed
Gold Treasure Casket NM: Naga Raja (close flux & pos?)
Gold Treasure Casket Updating (close flux & pos?)
Gold Treasure Casket Updating (close flux & pos?)

EXP rings that are unavailable (Only certain conditions you may receive one IF you are a New player & Returning player)
You can still try your luck with those one below

NPC Location POS:
Port Bastok (J-13)
Port San d'Oria (J-10)
Windurst Walls (C-14)

Novennial RingThe above Only available back in 2009
Anniversary Ring

The above Only available back in 2008
Decennial Ring

The above Only available back in 2010
Undecennial Ring

The above Only available back in 2011
Duodecennial Ring

The above Only available back in 2012
Vocation RingThe above Only available back in 2014
Echad RingYou can get the above ring with Red Mog Pell

I would like to thank AnnaMolly... for supporting me with this guide and all the comments post on the last thread.
If you would like to contribute to this thread send us a PM.
Also If you disagree on the guide PM reason why rather then flame the thread.

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By Bismarck.Vashkoda 2016-04-08 10:12:45
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Since the thread is about improving experience point gain, you might also want to mention the boosts to gain rate from:

Kupofried trust
Memento cheers

You could also mention the boost to exp from corsair's roll, which can be gotten from the Qultada trust if an actual player with the corsair job isn't available. You could also mention that periodic campaigns involve experience point boosts, although these are sporadic.

Finally, you could mention that some rings, notably the echad and trizek rings, can be sent from mules to a main character on the same account, and stored in your delivery box. You can then use a ring, exchange it for a ring with a fresh cool down in you dbox, and go kill things until the ring effect wears, and then go back to your dbox and exchange it for yet another ring (depending on how many mules you have).

Good guide, though!
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By Masterbuyer 2020-06-29 21:23:06
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dam this is outdated now bah i just came on again on final fantasy xi today any update on this guys lol
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