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By Asura.Psylo 2016-03-09 08:03:08
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The magic damage is definitely awesome (outpacing most staff options now maybe?)

I'm working on my upgrade atm (still need 8K beit, accept donation of course)

thinking of that :


If AM 2 up (so 49 MAB max)
can have a complete bonus of :
* magic damage 292
* magic skill 255
* MACC + 40
* MAB + 69

Don't know if rein staff T2 can get better augment for RDM, but massive problem during long fight is to keep AM2 up
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By Notacka 2017-06-09 00:30:34
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These two items are what I'm shooting for now. The Magic Damage combined is just so high. With the high magic accuracy and damage I can focus on other stuff on gear.
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