How Can I Use 99 GEO To Help Me Gear Up My DRG?

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How can I use 99 GEO to help me gear up my DRG?
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By awalk1227 2015-12-28 15:37:27
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Hi everyone! After deciding DRG would be my main (still have so much fun playing it) I decided to go ahead and level GEO and try to gear it decently in order to help getting groups and gear for my DRG.

On my DRG, I'm rocking the lance from WKR with the +sTP and OAT. I have the Alluvion Skirmish lance, but it's un-augmented because I'm not sure it's worth investing in the stones. On that note, I'm in 5/5 Acro, also not augmented, because I don't know if I'll have an easier time upgrading to Escha gear via GEO. I do not have any Reforged gear.

I'm capped on Bell and Geomancy Magic on my GEO, and have Dunna, but I have no idea what kind of groups to shoot for. Am I trying to do Delve/Vagary/SR/Escha NMs (no idea about any of that)? Let me know the best way to go about using GEO to help benefit my DRG.

I also have THF at 99 with Ipetam/Atoyac and 5/5 Taeon, in case farming things like Dynamis/Nyzul/Salvage make more sense in terms of immediate help for my DRG.
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By fillerbunny9 2015-12-28 17:19:02
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sheesh, this is pretty much echoing my life right now....

you should at least clear all of Vagary for 119 Reforged Empyrean access. Reforged Body is still pretty amazing, and legs are nice for Drakesbane.

I would likely not bother with Acro at this point. if you desperately want to get some Dragoon action going on, get your hands on the Despair set from Escha Zi'tah. it's not exactly phenomenal, compared to many things out there, but it is an excellent starting point, and less troublesome to augment than Acro.

getting a better weapon is a bit stickier of a quagmire. I have a Ryu, so I largely ignored options from Escha. a good base weapon would likely be the Rhomphaia from Ru'Aun, as it's got a solid base of augments, Hanbi is not a particularly difficult NM to take down with a few people, and drops items that others might be interested in. you can even pick up the Cronian Abjuration: Legs off of him if you like, though I personally feel the Gloves are the only piece that are particularly interesting for Dragoon outside of occasional macro situations. I'd suggest also getting a Petrov Ring while you are up there from the T1 caturae, Ruea; it will pair very nicely with Rajas.

with a good spear in hand, we're now looking at your main slots, and the Valorous set from Reisenjima is going to be pretty much the way to go. hope you love a random augment system, because that's what you're stuck with. Mask/Mitts/Hose/Greaves all drop from Tier 1 NMs that can hopefully be handled with a small party. these are going to likely require a lot of stones, but are going to really trounce other gear right now.

Tier 2 NMs in Reisenjima all drop weapons, and are popped with Incursion coffers. you are going to want Ymmr-Ulvid's Grand Coffers to spawn Strophadia for the chance to get a Reienkyo, which can be a strong step up from Rhomphaia depending on your luck with random augments.

I do not know your situation regarding accessories, so possible items to look into are the JSE cape from Incursion/Reives, Cessance Earring from the Ultima/Omega high tier BCNM, Ginsen from the Tenzen high tier BCNM, Ganesha's Mala from Hahava voidwatch, Zennaroi Earring from Incursion, Bleating Mangle from Unity, and many more. at the very least you can get by with the earrings from Delve as well as Asperity Necklace.
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