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iLvl or Stats?
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By Ragnarok.Trixi 2015-11-29 17:09:10
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Trying to figure out how to phrase this.. but, re-working my builds and looking at my idle/dt gear, and I've hit a quandary.

Two main items in this build would be Earth Staff and Heralds, which when wearing both restrict iLvl down to 109. Now as far as I can gather, iLvl itself has no affect on stats (correct? aside from /check, if it were possible to have a 119 ilvl equip stats the same as non-ilvl equip there would be no difference, oh and trusts), the stats on the gear make the difference.

My question is.. where is this line drawn? In my example I have an Earth Staff or I have a Lathi. Earth Staff seems to be the better choice with -20 pdt, but it comes at a loss of ilvl; Is this even a non question and earth staff is a clear winner? Is there a better option?

Additionally, what about Heralds? The benefit is +12% movement, but again, loss of ilvl. Stat wise Helios (and i'm sure much better choices; it's just what I have atm) has better DEF, VIT, MagEva, MDB, Enmity, etc. Clearly a better choice if standing still, but what happens when there is need to kite or gain distance to completely above being hit all together? Do I have two different macros now: Standing vs Running? Is there something that replaces Heralds in terms of +mov?

Trying to sink all of this new info in after a two year break is daunting. Luckily I made it over the hurdle of wanting to say screw it and just quit, but there are many more obstacles to follow.

Thank you.
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By Sylph.Shadowlina 2015-11-29 17:14:26
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Mafic Cudgel and Genbu's/Gemmeni Shield are the better PDT combo.
its also better on inventory. (to some degree)

That being said, theres a benefit to exp and CP gained if your in in Ilevel gear i believe. But don't hold me to that at all.

in terms of running gear. there is no ilevel replacement for mages. Some people saying that they actually use the adoulin rings instead, however i personally believe (quite strongly) that this is a waste on some of the best rings in the game from a mage prospective.
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By Siren.Kyte 2015-11-29 17:18:16
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More importantly, using non-ilvl weapons is going to have a negative effect on your spell interruption rate, which can be concerning.
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By Sylph.Padisharcreel 2015-11-29 17:23:42
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Get rid of the earth staff from your idle set. You'll almost always want to keep main/sub slots locked to whatever you're nuking in for Myrkr purposes.
As far as the feet go, just make a 2nd idle macro specifically for movement speed. Alternatively if you're using gear swap it's a simple matter of toggling kiting on and off, but I'm assuming you're not based on the tone of your question.
Personally I use 3 different idle sets: refresh/regen/-dt set, -dt/defense set, mp set. Swap between them according to what the situation dictates. Most of the time for group play you'll be fine idling in refresh gear since you're generally not going to be in range of aoe damage. If you're soloing or in a situation where you may end up with hate focus more on -dt.
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