Abyssea Bosses

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Abyssea Bosses
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By silvanesti 2015-04-04 07:27:56
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Hi Silvanesti here. A recently returned player.

If anyone happens to be killing any abyssea area bosses and doesn't mind someone tagging along for the win, please drop me a tell.

I played FFXI for a long time back in the day and quit when abyssea first came out. But I think I am back until they finally take FFXI offline. As such I wouldn't mind finishing stuff up. I don't have too much time with RL other than my weekends and I haven't joined any linkshells since I have been back. But if you see me online I'd appreciate any tells.


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By Siren.Demetreos 2015-04-04 08:18:38
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Shoot me a tell later today if I'm on, I might be killing some for mule wins/upgrades. Which ones do you need, all?
By 2015-04-04 08:31:30
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By silvanesti 2015-04-04 08:31:43
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Awesome thanks!
I will have a look for you later on, and yes i need all of them.

I quit shortly after abyssea was first released, so I never killed any area bosses. And since being back I haven't wandered to deeply into it.

Thanks on the wb :o

Did a lil today. Farmed a Glavoid set. Also farmed a Rani pop and killed area boss while I was there.

Ok used the Rani set and got the ring w/o blue proc. Also used and killed Glavoid. So 2 bosses down.

Last Edit : Well looks like I am gonna be ok. The campaign for Abyssea has set me up pretty well. Thanks again for the offer of help Demetreos! I appreciate it! Just holla if you need something.

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