Questions On Augments And Situational Gear Sets

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Questions on augments and situational gear sets
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By TinyAttorney 2014-09-27 15:14:15
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Augments: I have an Otomi Helm (all sets except mac acc) and Ejekamal Boots (Shoha) and was wondering what the optimal augments for them were. For reference, I have Tsuru and 119Amano, and am working towards the various sets in the v2.0 guide.

With gear sets, I'm assuming I'll be stacking atk on ws when my atk isn't capped, but how do I know when it isn't capped? Also, which situations will Shoha beat Fudo, and vice-versa?

Thanks in advance, a lot has changed in the year since I've been gone.

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By Odin.Jassik 2014-09-27 15:20:53
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STR for the nakuul paragon, the generic I did -DT on both, just because 7 haste feet and a 10 haste head just didn't seem that useful given the other sets and the possibility of getting caught in WS gear.
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By TinyAttorney 2014-10-04 19:09:22
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Thanks! Follow up: I managed to +1 my Otronif legs and feet today. Which augments should I shoot for?
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