Best Flux For Coins, Die, And Residue

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Best Flux for coins, die, and residue
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By Lakshmi.Baek 2014-05-19 15:44:29
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Hello all! Anyone know which flux's are best to get coins, die, and residue from since the update to WOE. I did flux 11 and 13 the other day but got a whole bunch of junk drops from chest with some ls members. I am currently working on getting coins of decay and want to know which flux I should focus on more then start on die's.
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By Azurea 2014-05-19 16:36:51
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Login campaign. Many mules.
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By Kimmy78 2018-05-28 05:45:19
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9 for Devious Die
13 for Residue

Both are birds, relatively straight forward fights - recommend Ninja or /NIN for 9 when it gets surged as Feral Peck can do massive amounts of damage. Darkness skillchain does a lot of damage but birds in 13 become highly evasive under surge conditions.

When it comes to coins, it is very random.
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