Another Dyna LS Request

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Another Dyna LS request
Server: Midgardsormr
Game: FFXI
user: ladymist
Posts: 79
By Midgardsormr.Ladymist 2009-07-28 04:19:21
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I am looking for a good Dyna Shell, fair and friendly. BLM71 WHM almost 65...Need it to be EST and with runs completed prior to 9pm EST since I work 3rd shift. Anytime prior to 9pm would be nice. All my friends have dyna shells that conflict with work ;; I <3 this game, but I am not quitting my job for a dynamis run...lmao
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Server: Midgardsormr
Game: FFXI
user: wilsonx
Posts: 1
By Midgardsormr.Wilsonx 2009-11-07 09:47:58
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Erebus Dyna linksheel runs one run on saturdays from 5pm EST to end. Every 6 weeks u get paid gil from the ls based on your attendance. Website is
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