Divine Magic Skillup?

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Divine Magic Skillup?
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By Cerberus.Pleebo 2013-01-28 21:46:40
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I modified this from an enhancing magic script I found elsewhere. I have it set to maintain barstone so, when coupled with a regen atma and 2 refresh atmas, maintenance is pretty minimal when skilling up on worms. It cycles through approx. every 45 seconds so every other round will skip a Holy cast. Cast Flash to begin the cycle. Pretty crude but it worked for me.

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <spellcast xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude">
        <variables clear="false">
            <var name="SkillUp">1</var>
            <group default="yes" name="Job">
                <set name = "Standard" />
                <set name="Resting">
                                    <main>Pluto's Staff</main>
                                    <ammo>Clarus Stone</ammo>
                                    <waist>Austerity Belt</waist>
                                    <body>Mahatma Hpl.</body>
                                    <neck>Eidolon Pendant</neck>
                                    <lear>Antivenom Earring</lear>
                                    <rear>Boroka Earring</rear>
                                    <back>Felicitas Cape</back>
                                    <legs>Sagacity Lappas</legs>
                                    <feet>Avocat Pigaches</feet>
            <equip when="resting" set="Resting" />
                     <if NOTMPGT="15">
                            <command when="precast">input /heal on;wait 180;input /heal off;wait 3;input /ma "Flash"</command>
            <if spell="Flash">
                <if advanced='"$SkillUp" == "1"'>
                    <command when="aftercast">wait 2;input /ma "Holy"</command>
            <elseif spell="Holy">
                <if advanced='"$SkillUp" == "1"'>
                    <command when="aftercast">wait 2;input /ma "Banish"</command>
            <elseif spell="Banish">
                <if advanced='"$SkillUp" == "1"'>
                    <command when="aftercast">wait 2;input /ma "Banish II"</command>
            <elseif spell="Banish II">
                <if advanced='"$SkillUp" == "1"'>
                    <command when="aftercast">wait 2;input /ma "Banish III"</command>
            <elseif spell="Banish III">
                <if advanced='"$SkillUp" == "1"'>
                    <command when="aftercast">wait 2;input /ma "Banishga"</command>
            <elseif spell="Banishga">
                <if advanced='"$SkillUp" == "1"'>
                    <command when="aftercast">wait 2;input /ma "Banishga II"</command>
            <elseif spell="Banishga II">
                <if advanced='"$SkillUp" == "1"'>
                                    <if notbuffactive = "Barstone">
                                            <command when="aftercast">wait 2;input /ma "Barstonra"</command>
                                    <elseif buffactive="Barstone">
                                            <command when="aftercast"> wait 8;input /ma "Flash"</command>
            <elseif spell="Barstonra">
                <if advanced='"$SkillUp" == "1"'>
                    <command when="aftercast">wait 8;input /ma "Flash"</command>
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