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Adder's and Monk
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By Elgorian 2012-07-09 23:44:33
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Just some questions when looking at gear from these, and wondering if anyone has input.

Also to note: Plan to focus on melding pants/gloves first so just looking for decent stuff for the other slots until I get gloves/pants finished, and AF Head is rather decent until darklight.

For starters I was looking at the weapon, and it looks pretty decent if you can manage the 5 set. I have ifrit's though I'm wondering how this stacks up. It's +2 Damage and you trade 5 AP for 25 Accuracy.

Trying to slowly get out of AF (where I can) and to squeeze some out I was looking into the following to hit my set 5 (counting weapon):

1) Body: Gridanian Officer's Overcoat Str : +10, Dex : +10, Int : +10, Pty : +10, Sanction: Crit Attack Power +120
2) Feet: Serpent Sergeant's Jackboots Evasion : +30, Serpent gear set (2): Int +10
3) Waist: Serpent Sergeant's Belt HP : +12, Vit : +3, Int : +3
4) Neck: Serpent Sergeant's Choker Attack Power : +27, Serpent gear set (3): Crit Attack Power +15

At this point I would hit my 5 set but due to the lack of decent earrings and this providing 4 Intelligence (as well as a good BLM option with our without set bonus)

5) Earring: Serpent Sergeant's Earrings Attack Magic Potency : +4, Serpent gear set (4): Int +4

The Weapons:

Ifrit's Claws:

Damage: 131 Delay: 3.3 DPS: 39.7
Fire Resistance : +15, Attack Power : +30, Adds Fire Damage

Serpent Lieutenant's Claws

Damage: 133 Delay: 3.3 DPS: 40.3
Accuracy : +25, HP : +20, Serpent gear set (5): Attack Power +25
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By Asura.Ina 2012-07-10 09:02:59
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It looks viable to me although idk what options you have outside of melds and AF.

Since you have 6 peices you might consider explorers boots for fodder mobs if you have sanction up (considering the 120+ power in body) since crit rate isn't raped by level difference there. For the neck peice you might want to pick up explorers as an option against higher end mobs where you might need the acc.

Serpent lieutenants claws should win out over Ifrit.
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By SOLALCHEMIST 2012-07-10 13:19:54
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The Serpent's Set as listed provides a very good set-up for monk. One of my ls uses this set up + Darklight Eyepatch and +40 STR meld on Felt Bracers and can hit over 2k damage with Howling Fist on the Miser in AV.

In my experience the problem with this set up is it is almost too efficient/powerful and hate control can become an issue. Unless the tank is well geared and is prompt with Collusion it is almost impossible for you to go full out without stealing hate.

To counter this you could replace the belt with a melded -enmity piece, or if you are rich/lucky then I would suggest the Militia Earring.

If you are going with Iffy Claws so don't need 5 pieces for the set bonus, this is a pretty great (if costly) DD build.

1) Body: Gridanian Officer's Overcoat
2) Feet: Serpent Sergeant's Jackboots
3) Neck: Serpent Sergeant's Choker
4) Belt: Peisteskin Hunting Belt +1 with 2 x Sanguinary Might Materia III giving +20 Crit +34 hp
5) Earring: Milita Earrings: +2 Acc -20 Enmity
6) Felt Bracers +1: 3 x STR III + 15 Materia (I've made several sets of these, it's not that hard a meld)
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By Sylph.Elgorian 2012-07-10 16:37:38
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Yeah, I've been working on felt bracers atm, so far blown up all my attempts at double,

Militia Earring is doubtful unless I manage to get it as a drop, don't see myself spending too much gil on it while focusing on melding pants/gloves

Edit: I may consider the -enmity belt though since I could hit 5 set without the serpent belt and serp belt is really only +1 INT
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