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Triple Spark - Recruiting endgame late WEST COAST
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By Deceptistar 2012-05-30 13:36:24
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What is Triple Spark?

Established in 2010 beta days, Triple Spark is a late night PST endgame LS. The goal that we continue to aim is endgame related activities. Our Linkshell events and times are based on LATE west coast areas (this includes hawaii, alaska, and the west coast) Of course anyone who can make these time zones are welcome to apply, NA, EU, and Asia, provided they can fully communicate with us.
Recruiting cross server for 2.0

What type of members are you looking for?

●   We look for versatile players who have about 2-3 jobs properly geared/materia-ed and ready to play/switch when necessary. We are always looking for exceptional players who are not only competent and strive for the best, but also pleasant to interact with. Every member is expected to pull their weight, to attend events as much as they are able, and everyone is an equal part of our team. To maintain this though, we choose our members carefully.

Triple Spark also focuses on individual helping efforts so that our members can “grow up” in the LS together. We keep an eye out for players who are relatively mature, have endurance, attentive, know their character well, but also respectful of those around you. TS accepts members into its ranks that are of similar personalities, goals and values to its own. Anything a member does reflects on the overall LS image and on all fellow members. We expect members to only take actions that reflect positively on the linkshells image that we work very hard to build.

Triple Spark's Weekly Events (since October 2010):
Wed/Fri @ 21:00 PST, and Sundays at 19:00 PST. These times should serve as a guideline for when we expect you to be regularly active in order to get the most out of this Linkshell. There will be plans to increase our event days (times will remain the same)

Limited recruitment
Limited, because we prefer to keep our members tightly knit. We are currently recruiting exceptional players willing to play the following classes:

Rank 50
Must be up to date (or close) on rank in one of the Grand Companies
Must be able to attend a majority of our scheduled events.
2-3 jobs properly geared/materia-ed along with necessary subjob skills
Must be able to use mumble/vent (at least hear us)

Our events times:
Sunday- 7pm PST - Wednesday- 9pm PST - Friday 9pm PST (days will increase later)

Current Status - 2.0 wait

Please check out our website and the "About Us" section to see how we are and what more you can expect from us. If you think this sounds like you, apply at our website


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By Deceptistar 2012-07-31 16:37:40
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recruitment updated 07/30/2012
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By Deceptistar 2012-10-11 13:22:46
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recruitment updated 10/11/2012
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By Deceptistar 2012-11-12 00:55:19
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Recruitment has been adjusted a little bit in accordance with the 2.0 wait =)

Currently accepting cross server applications for experienced members looking for a long living, late night PST endgame LS.
For those who want to experience a new server, new environment, and new friends, check us out.
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