Stroke Of Luck (Karnak) - A New Shell For New Play

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Stroke of Luck (Karnak) - a new shell for new play
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By akubikumo 2011-12-07 13:25:22
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Hi there! While there are several well-established and successful linkshells on Karnak few cater to the needs of the new and/or casual player. Well, Stroke of Luck might be the right Linkshell for you! Our goal is to build a shell from the ground up with a small team of chill, smart and open minded players. If you are a good fit we will accept you*: any age, class or level.

As for us, the best term to describe our play style would be Casualcore: we make no unreasonable demands and do not require voice chat but we do expect teamwork. We have a good sense of humor, avoid drama as best we can (unless its juicy lol. /gets popcorn) and we like to find creative ways to enjoy our time in FF. However, dont mistake our casual-friendly style as a lack of ambition. Quite the opposite! We want everything the game has to offer and need the right team to get it.

*A caveat:
-You are free to come and go as you please but keep in mind that, like most things in life, the more you put in to something the more you get out of it. If we feel you are uninterested/unhelpful in participating in our shell we may reconsider your membership.

If you are interested please go to our new site:

or send a /tell to:

Torrey Canyon
Weffrey Pencroff
Reion Del
Bane Steelrain
Acorn Greyoak

all the best,
t. canyon
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