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Zantetsuken EndGame LS
Server: Gilgamesh
Game: FFXI
user: Nairolf
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By Gilgamesh.Nairolf 2011-11-05 14:48:34
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Zantetsuken EndGAme LS on Selbina.

Zantetsuken has for goal to run through all new end game content and deplete everything that come from it....
We looking only for EndGame players. Full stuff , skill and experiment players.

Server: Selbina
guild: Zantetsuken
Leaders: Erwald Lionguard , Shae Lys , Leigh Fair ; Bornt Obefat ; Nairolf Ridill
Leader contact:
Guild web site:
Guild forum:

Ce que la guilde souhaite éviter: Le social
Conditions de recrutement: A lire dans les regles et à discuter en audio avec un lead.
guild events: Endgame, Barbarian camp rush , Eikon fight , HNM , Dongeons.
More informations:
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