Shuffle Alliance - Now Recruiting!

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Shuffle Alliance - Now Recruiting!
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By Dario 2011-09-10 16:04:40
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Shuffle Alliance is a brand spanking new linkshell made up of mature and experienced MMO players from all over the world and we are looking for new recruits!

We are looking to build a close-knit community of players who want to experience as much content as this game offers and to have lots of fun while doing it!

Fun is our main priority. This is a game that we're playing and it should be enjoyed as such. No drama allowed.

Currently we are gearing up in preparation for the massive 1.19 patch and want to be ready to tackle all the new content that comes along with it.

There are no class, rank, or even age requirements to join! You simply need to have the right attitude and respect your fellow players, just as you would wish to be treated.

Contact either Dario Azuralis or Muga Orunitia in game if you're interested in joining!

Hope to hear from you soon and make this linkshell a great one!

- Dario
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By Sorrowscry 2011-09-10 17:12:04
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everyday I'm shufflin............ :p
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By AmayaNamida 2011-09-10 22:41:28
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Sent you a pm
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By cielaki 2011-09-11 18:52:26
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Who wants to have fun on a video game? It's all about the hardcore grinding and leves partying!

Ahahhahh!! Jk jk jk! ^^

GL GL with your LS!

And yes... Every day I'm shufflin'!
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