Factoring Achievements Into Pro Rank

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Factoring achievements into pro rank
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By EstharFalcus 2012-06-01 05:55:47
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There's a delay before points are added to your total. It's not instant.

Edit: Where the hell did the post go that I replied to? (By Duuude Bismarck about points not adding on when updated)
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By shaelis 2012-08-12 20:01:21
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The bonus point on ff14pro is really ridiculous.

You can win 1000 pts to kill ifrit in short order
but you win 20 pts to kill garuda in shord order.
same for Moogle.

You win 500 pts for batraal but 50 pts when you kill the Mistress at Aurum vale.

The assigned points are totally unbalanced.
The ranking on ff14pro was totally wrong since a long time.
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