Flux 5 Strategy

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Flux 5 Strategy
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By Erlayn 2011-08-03 14:50:24
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As title says. I see alot of Bst and Smn doing this and wonder what the strategy is for it. Is there someone that can do a walk through for us who has Smn, Bst and Pup and can gather enough for this to finish off coins. Thanks in advance.
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user: Zagen
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By Bismarck.Zagen 2011-08-03 15:02:29
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Never gone with a PUP assuming they won't help enough due to no native wind resistance on the puppet but I dunno much about PUP.

3x SMN, 2x BST, or 4x SMN, 1x BST have been the setups I've gone with.
BST(s) use Yuly
SMNs use Garuda

BST is puller/mob holder. SMNs are the heavy DDs.

Have decent gear on each job and you're fine, a few +1s magian weapons and you're golden, anything else just makes it easier.

Walk down to the main floor. Camp at the stairs

BST pulls each Wyvern, Ideally 1 at a time. Right after every kill run to the opposite staircase to avoid death link aggro.

Most times the boss will never move but if it does then you'll have to shift camps.

Kill all Wyverns and then work on Boss.

Edit: By decent gear for SMNs they should be getting a gain on MP from Refresh/gear otherwise they will slow the group down.
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By Quetzalcoatl.Trauma 2011-08-03 15:34:10
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My group often did this with 4-5 SMNs, a COR or two, and other random jobs including a NIN sub RDM puller. Our NIN would pull to the bottom of the stairs where we would kill the first one and immediately run to the broken stairs on the opposite side. This was just to be sure we wouldn't aggro any stray wyverns, or the boss if he decided to move.

When fighting the wyverns, make sure nobody stands in front of them. Radiant Breath can often 1 shot players. The paralyga move they do has a radius of about 15.0, so mages and anyone trying to avoid paralyze should be standing back. If by chance the boss does come, he will usually sit in one spot (where you killed a wyvern) and not move again after that.

After killing all the wyverns, have someone grab the hydra and start kiting around the fountain. You can have all your pet jobs get on it once it is near the fountain. Ranged attacks work nicely against him as well and he's fairly slow, so kiting around the fountain isn't a problem. Quick Draw and Ninja Magic are also fairly good ways to deal damage.

Things to watch out for when fighting the boss are his physical and magical shields, which last about 1-2 minutes each. His worst move is Barofield. It's an AOE that hits anyone around the player it was used on. Barofield deals moderate damage and inflicts a very nasty gravity. He also likes to cast Silencega so make sure to have some Echo Drops ready if you're a caster.

If things get wild and you wipe, have someone leave the party/alliance and claim the hydra. Anyone with 12% movement speed can easily keep him busy around the fountain. I had no problems kiting and using Quick Draw to keep him interested.

I believe the hardest part of this fight is the wyverns. They're quick and can be annoying to pull. If your group isn't shifting to the opposite side after a kill then you can end up with more than one and that's when things start to get hairy.

Hope this helps! Good luck! :)
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user: Aerison
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By Bismarck.Aerison 2011-08-03 15:57:02
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Go with 5, x1 bst with dipper and a decent reward set and x4 smn, this way everyone gets a chest. /sch is pretty boss in there as well with sublimation, aspir, ele siphon, and random mp items you shouldnt be running out of mp. Can't stress enough how important keeping dipper alive is(for boss), make sure it stays up or call beast is ready.
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By Erlayn 2011-08-09 10:14:45
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Thanks for the strats guys. Now the hard part, finding people willing to do this on Odin that aren't Jp. Unless I can convince them to let me tag along. I'm about done with Coin of Glory, but still have some Decay left to get.
Server: Odin
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user: Blazza
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By Odin.Blazza 2011-08-09 10:17:20
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Probably not helpful here, but I've duo'd everything except for the boss as bst and blu with plenty of time to spare. Can't scratch the boss for ***though lol.

(and before you ask me, I no longer play, sorry)
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