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Activity Stats
Server: Valefor
Game: FFXI
user: Shaone
Posts: 87
By Valefor.Shaone 2011-01-09 05:02:23
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Just wondering if it would be possible to use the achievements mechanism to produce stats/graphs on server active populations.

Maybe something like showing a count of players who have gained an achievement in the last week / month.

Then a trend could be indicated as to whether the "active" population is increase on decreasing on a global or server based scale.

I know that achievement is not the ideal measure of whether someone is active, as it would be possible to be an active player but not get any achievements showing (e.g. if the long slog from 45-50 took them more than a few weeks in which they did nothing else).

But it would at least be an indicator of the trend, and in fact probably a slightly better one than the current online population graphs that people were doing prior to that feature being disabled by SE.

Where it may be most useful would be in assessing the effect of the version updates in bringing people back and bringing in new ones.
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