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EU LS - Xp
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By Xana 2010-11-18 18:06:52
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We are a XP Ls - We grind from 7PM GMT, If you are interested in grinding in these times, feel free to send us a tell in game.

We are looking for Rank 28+ in jobs.

We are looking for EU members pref. However if you play in our time zone, we wont subject you to this.


If your not R28+ by all means this does not stop you from speaking with us. We level subs, so feel free to send me a tell in game.

Our Sched. is everyday except Wed. as this is a Leve day or to do as you please.

See you in game.
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By Bahamut.Sico 2011-11-18 08:01:20
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Hey there,

as i c this has been posted some time ago, ur LS is still alive?
Sent PM if so, cause i cant c ur name or any website u offer.

C ya
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