Multiple Items Only Show On 1 Character/retainer

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Multiple Items only show on 1 character/retainer
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By Tazzylynn 2010-11-02 01:05:04
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Ok this is the one thing that really annoys me about your setup. I have 4 characters each with a retainer. If I want to put a retainer in each city with the same items on it, your system does not display it. You seriously need to fix that. If I want to put Soot-black Buffalo Leather Dye on 3 different retainers why won't you allow it to show up on all 3 of them. Your system currently only lets it show up on 1. Until you fix this issue as well as other problems that I see, I will not be using Pro to help bazaar my items. YG's bazaar system is by far a lot better.
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By Odin.Blazza 2010-11-02 01:11:13
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lol, way to make a suggestion/point out a problem.
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