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social LS
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By Clonemaster 2010-10-18 08:32:30
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I just play casually with 2 accounts, but would like to find a LS to join. My highest lvl is only 65 so I don't need any kind of event only LS, just one that has active people in it... playing an MMO totally alone is boring.

I realize over 50% of the population is sitting at max lvl doing almost nothing but abyssea, but I think having an LS would make it easier to find people to do lower level things than just seeking.
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By Khaleb 2010-10-18 12:29:46
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i have a social shell that im in it doesnt really have that many people in it but your right everyone is doing abyssea. ill be on later today around 6 or 7 mountain time.
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