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addon augs and lolbst
Server: Fenrir
Game: FFXI
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By Fenrir.Phatstackodax 2010-07-08 08:00:27
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I have recently decided something detrimental to my ability to play ffxi. I have never had much play time and it keeps getting less and less every week. So i want to play the job i enjoy the most bst. am i naive to think i can still get things accomplished (r/ex EG gear) if i don't lvl blu, rng, or blm to 80? also i want to redo acp, mkt, and asa fights with bst augs. did anyone else combine the 3 for nice bst gear, or simply mix around for all their other jobs
Server: Bismarck
Game: FFXI
user: xdudemanx
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By Bismarck.Xdudemanx 2010-07-08 08:02:27
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i still havent touched the other 2 add ons..either to lazy or not enough time..i got call beast -15 abilty delay for the body like to redo it so i can take off the double attack..if i ever do the other pieces..will be something for bst for sure
Server: Ramuh
Game: FFXI
user: dasva
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By Ramuh.Dasva 2010-07-08 08:06:24
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Not sure what all you can get but I remember seeing a bst with 5haste and -10% dmg on the head and had 2 trial axes with -8% PDT each for his pet
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