Walk Of Echoes, The New Einherjar?

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Walk of Echoes, the new Einherjar?
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user: Cameryn
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By Diabolos.Gira 2010-06-29 13:43:55
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My shell hasn't done Walk of Echoes as a group (yet) but we plan to go in tomorrow with another shell so we can full up the zone etc. I'm wondering if any other serious end-game shells out there have done much with Walk of Echoes and had any experiences to share in regards to the set up, fight, rewards, or whatever.
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By Frenesc 2010-06-29 13:51:01
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I've cleared the slime zone (#02) with my LS on Asura. The setup was pretty much a zerg setup with a tank party. I (thf) was outside the alliance sac pulling the main bosses. We cleared it with about 10 mins to spare.

Rewards: ~1.5k exp, Coin pouches(for ToM), Austerity Belt (Conserve MP +8, hMP +4), and a Eidolon pendant(hMP +4, Avatar MAB +4)

Good luck. This event takes a ton of organization and cooperation, and with SE letting random people join it's hard.
Server: Ramuh
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By Ramuh.Krizz 2010-06-29 13:59:03
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