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[Alexander] Serendipity Linkshell Recruiting
Server: Alexander
Game: FFXI
user: eldelphia
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By Alexander.Eldelphia 2010-06-29 05:04:02
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* A. About Us
* B. Rules
* C. Currently Recruiting
* D. Requirements
* E. Our Schedule
* F. Application

A: About Serendipity http://ffxiserendipity.guildportal.com

Serendipity has been running for five and a half years on the Alexander Server. We are an endgame shell the focuses on pretty much anything but camping Kings. If you're into camping HNM, we're not for you. We are a mixed EU/NA shell, late evening EST and PST players will find us a bit quiet. Our main events run from 12:30pm EST at the weekends with Limbus available to NA players from 8:30pm EST on Weds.

We run Dynamis and Einherjar, via our sister shell Nova and are recruiting for those too. Especially mages.

Current Events: include Limbus, occasional Sky, KSNM99s, Ouryu, ZNMs, VNMs, Abyssea and anything else we like the look of. Whatever we need as a group. We have a main large event on Sundays after Einherjar. Smaller groups exist within the shell for Salvage and Assault.

B: Rules:

Every new member will be on probation for 4 weeks to determine if our linkshell is good for you, and you for us. A vote will be taken at the end of this period.

Serendipity does not have a points system however we do factor in sensible ways for your contribution to be recognised. Attendance at events, provision of pops for Sky/ZNMs etc are all factored in by the sack team. Drops do not cause drama in our linkshell.

Dynamis and Einherjar are considered separate and they are subject to a strict points system.

C: Currently Recruiting:

Whilst we have considerable flexibility within our shell, another tank and WHM would be welcome. As would a career RDM.

Otherwise, we're open for applications from most jobs.

D: Requirements:

* At least one 75, which you will take to 80+
* Access to Sky
* Access to Sea (with the changes to CoP, we have some flexibility with this however we expect you to get Sea ASAP and you MUST have beaten Diabolos)

E: Our Schedule:

* Wed: 8:30 EST - Limbus
* Thur: 3:00 EST, 20:00 GMT - Limbus
* Sat: 12:30pm EST, 17:30 GMT - Dynamis
* Sun: 12:30pm EST, 17:30 GMT - Einherjar
* Sun 2:30pm EST, 19:00 GMT - Main Event
* Sun 5:00pm EST, 22:00 GMT - Limbus

With the recent changes to the game we may review which events we actively pursue but all discussions will be held in consultation with the linkshell. There are no plans to drop Dynamis or Einherjar at this point however there is a lot of interest in Abyssea and Walk of Echoes.

F: Application:

- If you want to apply, please refer to our website (http://ffxiserendipity.guildportal.com). Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted via that site. You will need to register with guildportal to apply.
Server: Ragnarok
Game: FFXI
user: Geloudia
Posts: 1209
By Ragnarok.Corres 2010-06-29 22:50:11
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Alexander.Eldelphia said:
...Especially mages.
like every Endgame-Shell and their brother. Seems like it's beginning to work that mages start to realize they can do without melee's but melee's can't without mages in many Endgame stuff. Not that i wanna say Melee classes are useless.
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