Walk Of Echoes: Battle Fields

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Walk of Echoes: battle fields
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user: danz
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By Bismarck.Danz 2010-06-24 00:16:02
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how to MPK an allince

step 1: go to Walk of Echos zone.
step 2: locate a battlefield with people in it. ~12 or so and about 20 min remaining. this means there are a few people in there fighting the mobs that are inside
step 3: enter.

by simply entering into these events more monsters spawn in the camp locations. thus killing everything in site... result... seeing everyone dead...

that's right. more mobs spawn for every time someone enters those battlefields. and its random where they spawn. usaly in the camp areas...

this event seriously needs to be reworked... not only does it have that problem... links by the masses and its not reguler links. its equivalent to party link. aka doesn't matter which way theyre looking or how far apart they are... there gonna link

don't mind the difficulty, i can easly tank on my 79MNK/39NIN

but the AOEs do get annoying

what is everyone elses thoughts on this new system?

Server: Odin
Game: FFXI
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By Odin.Zicdeh 2010-06-24 00:19:21
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The need to abolish the "Free to enter" ***. This needs a coherent group of skilled players, like every other battlefield in the game. Not Dr.Retard (Ph.D) running around trying to be awesome cause "my thf is azome i solo np".

And the icing on the cake is when said retard wins the lot for something awesome, because the game calculates "Worth" Based on damage taken...
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