VNMs: "Shoggoth" And "Farruca Fly"

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VNMs: "Shoggoth" and "Farruca Fly"
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By Almostunsane 2010-06-15 02:51:17
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Judging by the slowness of this forum, I'd wager it's a long shot, but I figured I might as well ask just to be sure.

Basically, I've recently gotten to the part of my Trial of the Magian line where I need to kill these two creatures for progress. I am a DRG 75, with /WHM, /BLU, /SAM, /WAR, /DRK all available. DRG is my only 75, but I'd be coming as it anyway since that's the only job that can equip Oathkeeper (my trials weapon), so yeah, no big loss there.

Trials required...
Trial 436: Defeat Shoggoth 6 times.
Trial 437: Defeat Farruca Fly 6 times.

I have no desire or need for either of the mobs' drops, so I'm thinking they'll be free lot for anyone who helps. I'll be passing them, since they'd just be inventory-1 for me. I'll also be willing to help farm colorful abyssites as needed if anyone wants to kill for a shot at upgrading to Orange or Brown abyssites, or if we just need them to pop the mobs.

According to the testimonials on FFXIclopedia, Shoggoth can be fairly easily beaten with 5-7+ melees, but is beatable with as few as 3 if 2hrs, etc are used. Support would probably be a boon of course, as would be nukeymages and a tank, but that's the baseline.

Farruca Fly I've heard from a friend can be trio'd, they used WHM, PLD, and NIN/DRK (Stun is important). Again, the more the merrier...but he sounds easier than Shoggoth based on that.

So yeah. Anyone after kills for their own trials, after the drops, or just wants to kill them for the hell of it... Lemme know!

Post here, or contact me in-game, I'm on far more than I should be. We can start setting up times once there's more people than just me.
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By Phoenix.Oumura 2010-06-15 03:13:41
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Misread the post. Sorry. :x Good luck with the VNMs though.^^
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By Valefor.Ryukuro 2010-06-15 03:39:07
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To be honest, your best bet would be to sit in Whitegate and wait for jap shouts as they seem to be doing it all the time still, well at least on Valefor OR continually scan zones that they pop in and look for groups of 75 jobs all partied up, likelihood is you will find one eventualy and most JP will welcome the extra help =) How i completed my Raden and Oathkeeper ^ GL mate.
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By Alexander.Xgalahadx 2010-06-15 03:44:06
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Oh wow I wish I had read this when you first posted it me and a group just killed some shoggoths. :x
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