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Ashu Talif
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user: Eike
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By Ifrit.Eikechi 2010-06-02 23:15:33
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Looking to join or start a perma for the Pirate Ship BC series, The Ashu Talif. There are 3 BCs in the series, and I'm looking to get to the last one, and more or less spam it. I'm in need of the big puppetmaster parts, and I dont exactly have the 3m+ to get all of the ones from this BC series....Also interested in Barbarossa's pants, but would put myself last on the list, because I'm more interested in the puppet parts.

If anybody is interested, let me know in a PM, I'm looking to do these on Thursdays preferably. If you already know of a perma, that perhaps needs 1 member, plz let me know as well :). I have 75 sch/blu/war/nin/sam to do these with if that helps. Thanks Ifrit :)
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