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Serendipity Linkshell {Looking for Members} EU, NA
Server: Alexander
Game: FFXI
user: eldelphia
Posts: 27
By Alexander.Eldelphia 2010-02-12 07:58:23
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We're a five year old shell on the Alexander Server looking for a few more members to enjoy the game with until XIV is released and wreaks havoc with us all!

We're still interested in Limbus, some Sky, ZNMs, SCNMs, Dynamis and Einherjar. We run Limbus constantly but we rotate other events depending on member demand. If we have some god pops to pop, we pop em, if we have a Cloud Evoker to burn, we go /poke Ouryu.

We run Dynamis and Einherjar using a sister pearl, once a week, at the weekends. We are always recruiting for these events separately, even if you're not looking for a general Endgame shell. We have quite a core of EU players and so Limbus is run across 2 groups, an NA and EU farming group and then we come together as a shell to pop Ultima and Omega.

Members of the shell participate in assault, salvage, nyzul isle and a range of smaller events in the week, with large events being held at the weekend.

Recent events include: random Cerberus kill (he was up!), Kirin, Beadeaux and La Valle SCNM, KSNM99 (recent speed belt!), Sky, Proto-Omega etc.

We run Dynamis on Satudays at 12:30 EST, 17:20 GMT and Einherjar at the same times but on Sundays. We have Tav access in Dyna and Wing III in Einherjar. All Dynamis profit is split between members, the amount depends on your attendance.

Fights we're planning soon include Bahamut v1, more SCNMs, Kirin zergs and tier IV ZNMs.

Our main website for Serendipity is

Our website for Dynamis and Einherjar is
Server: Pandemonium
Game: FFXI
Posts: 982
By Pandemonium.Machiaveli 2010-02-12 08:05:26
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