This Months Ambuscade (gigas) And The Expectations

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This months ambuscade (gigas) and the expectations
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By Slowforever 2021-07-02 18:39:28
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So I fought the Gigas ambuscade this month on Very Difficult. As a bard I gave the normal songs plus 1 defensive layer being Fire Carol II. 1st group cleared easily and we went on to farm about 10 runs deathless. I would use my 1 hours when up and SJ ninja Savage blade spamming. Next day I run with another whm and we wipe so much. His gear when I examined had some 109 and he was using a pole of some sort. Our dps was great and all buffs the same. He did do barfira but I'm not sure if he used sancrosity (sp) or what else he could be doing. Does magic evasion make that big of a difference in how much mp you lose ? The aoe ground slam is magic and physical dmg? What do you look for in a solid whm for VD ambuscade?
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By Ragnarok.Martel 2021-07-02 18:43:46
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Well, if you think about it, the difference between unresisted damage and a full 1/8 resist is the same as the difference between having 0 MDT and capped MDT+Aegis. (87.5% reduction.)

So yeah, it's going to make a pretty significant difference in the damage taken. And since the MP loss is based on the damage taken... Yeah.
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By Asura.Zidaner 2021-07-02 20:10:26
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Indeed I had the same issue a few times this month. I always told the WHM to toss on as much MEVA gear as they had until the big guys dies. Eating a Miso Ramen will also help the WHM.
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By Aerix 2021-07-03 02:20:30
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Use Fire Carol 1 and not 2. There's a pretty significant MEVA difference between the two and the occasional chance to negate an effect typically doesn't make up for it.

Also toss your WHM a Pianissimo Ballad III after you finish DD songs. Just make sure to sing Fire Carol right before it so it doesn't get overwritten.
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By Pandemonium.Zeto 2021-07-03 02:49:57
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I mean you might as well Pianissimo both Carols on your WHM on top of Ballad III. Not like they should need anything other songs.
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