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IdleHands LFM - WHM!
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By Rankyaku 2020-10-21 15:40:27
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IdleHands - an Asura-based, endgame LS - is looking for two to three new, committed members to fill critical roles!

Timezone: EST
Discord: But of course!
Content: DyanmisD, Omen, HTBF, Ambuscade, Aenoics, Monthly Campaigns - all rotational
Regular Events: Sunday/Wednesday DynaD, Monday/Thursday HTBF, Friday Omen x4
Gather around 7:30, events start at 8.

Our rag-tag group of adventurers is looking to bring in experienced and/or dedicated players to heal through end-game content! If you’re a returning player we’re happy to welcome you back into the fold!
-For WHM, we’re looking for dedication and experience; if you’ve got great gear, that's a bonus, but we’re willing to help gear a dedicated WHM.

We have other members with this job leveled, so there will be opportunities to play and level other jobs you have an interest in. However, when events take place, we will be looking to these new members to be able to prioritize their WHM to clear content.

If you’re interested in joining the LS or have any questions, please message Rankyaku directly in game or drop a reply below.

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