(XIV Key Binding) I Can't Help It. I'm A Noob.

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(XIV Key binding) I can't help it. I'm a noob.
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By Valefor.Esdain 2019-10-24 00:33:15
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So I figure now is as good as any time to try out 14 since I don't expect it's going to get any fresher all these years later. They must have worked out all the bugs and kinks from the clusterfluff that was the original release by now, right? RIGHT?

Jabs at original 14 release aside, I got the free-to-play registered, downloaded, patched, and running. I spent way more time at character creation than I expected. I know I'll never put in the time that I did with 11 on 14, but there was always a major flaw in my character creation on 11 that haunted me always and I didn't want to make that mistake on 14. (I went with medium height and really wanted to change to small in 11). Oh well.

Anyhoo, I looked through the sticky topics here and the thing I was curious about seemed to not be found. How do I get 14's keyboard binds to mirror 11s?

All the threads I saw mentioned getting a gamepad setup, but I was hoping to get the controls to work like a Full Keyboard setting for 11. Maybe a guide or a site or pictures; something to get all the keyboard binds/controls setup of 14 to work like 11. Basically I want my 11 controls for 14.

I could go key by key from memory, but this has to have been addressed somewhere that someone recalls in the last 10 years (how old is 14 now?)

Oh, and I didn't know which server to start on. I recall Valeforians were headed to Hyperion a long long time ago. I only got through character creation, messed with my keybinds, and got to level 5, so if there is a better server to begin on, or any old Kujata/Valefor friends know the server to be on, please let me know. I could easily start over tomorrow as I won't be playing any more tonight. Hopefully this question will be answered when I check this tomorrow.

Thank you very much.
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