WTB Pangu (BST Su5) Asura

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WTB Pangu (BST su5) Asura
Server: Asura
Game: FFXI
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By Asura.Bixbite 2019-04-11 06:33:03
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WTB Pangu (BST Su5) for 120m on Asura
Character name: Bixbite
Posts: 582
By kishr 2019-04-11 07:10:59
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I made 3,they going for 750m each. Supple and demand.
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By sharazisspecial 2019-04-11 08:06:46
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Good for you. Enjoy your 2250m.
I wanted Pangu to try and test BST potential as a side project.
If I don’t get it, oh well.
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