WTS Emicho+1 Jinxed Head/Body/Hands/Feet + Others.

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WTS Emicho+1 Jinxed Head/Body/Hands/Feet + Others.
Server: Asura
Game: FFXI
user: roughwind
By Asura.Roughwind 2019-03-01 11:26:39
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Hello ,
Mainly this post is regarding PMs requesting Emicho Gauntlets/Haubert ive prepared and got stocked on them so feel free to contact me anytime in game or discord if no reply. Accepting free synthesis attempts as long as theres an understanding how shield works and a decent amount of materials are supplied to avoid confusion and down time. Prices are negotiable.
Thank You.
Escutsheon Shield: Goldsmithing, Smithing

Examples of items i can do:
Su3: Turms and Ea full sets.
Necks: Rdm/Run/Whm/Mnk/Sam/Nin

Discord Info: Roughwind#9999
Main Character: Roughwind
Alts: Skinner/Candles/Soulpie/Erynis.
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