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Soralin's Services
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By soralin 2019-02-17 23:23:35
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Contact Soralin in game for any of the following services!

Synergy - Tips appreciated but not mandatory, people generally tip around 500k~2mil if you're looking for a ballpark, depending on the Synergy.

Abyssea Red+Blue Proc services - 500K, I have all Red procs on my Warrior, even Katana + G. Katana, without needing to return to town.

Empyrian Material Farming: I offer 2 rates, to be agreed upon ahead of time. Price varies from material to material, most are 1mil per mat, but others like Glavoid go up to 2mil.

Offer 1. Price per pop, just multiply price by 1.5, regardless of drops. Bring your own TH if you want it.

Offer 2. Price per mat. You pay per mat each kill after lotting, most people are good for it and I trust you if we do 3 kills back to back and you square up with me after the kills.

So for example, I price Apademak Horns at 1mil, so you can either pay 1 mil per Apademak Horn, or 1.5mil per Apademak Popset. Both work fine for me, but you have to choose one rate before we start.

Job Point / Exp Powerlevelling: MUST have Reisen. Access - 3.5Mil for 1-99, 1 Mil = 20 JP

Fishing - I have Ebisu+1 and the ability to satisfy any order of fish in the game. You name it, I can get it for you. Bulk prices (>100 fish in an order) will offer at a 20% discount off the AH price.

If you need help with any other random stuff, just give me a shout! Honestly speaking I am down to help out with any ole random events, tanking stuff with my Paladin, Ambuscade, or any other services you need, I generally help with that sort of stuff absolutely no charge, because I just love doing end game.

Please feel free to leave feedback about my services here in this thread, I am glad to hear it!
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By Asura.Shurtugalx 2019-03-25 11:14:02
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Super helpful! Helped me blow through my last 53 Apademak Horns and gave a great price! Would highly recommend.
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By DaneBlood 2019-03-25 12:01:10
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